• Inspiring creativity
  • Enriching self-expression
  • Encouraging self-discipline
  • Nurturing the joy of music

Private Lessons

  • In-home and in-studio rates available
  • 30-minute, 45-minute, and 60-minute durations
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, or bi-monthly sessions
  • Individual and group rates
  • Home school, after school, and evening hours
  • Family discounts

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Teaching Styles & Philosophies

Our teaching philosophy is to maintain a sympathetic, encouraging and friendly student-teacher relationship based on mutual respect.

We work to modify our teaching styles to best suit our students' individual needs and talents. Additionally, every effort is made to pair a student's skill level and music interest to an instructor who best matches these criteria.

While we believe in challenging our students, we are neither intimidating nor condescending. It is important for our students to find creativity and enjoyment through their efforts.

Lessons are offered in the convenience of your home or in our home studio in Sterling, VA, providing a comfortable learning environment.

A typical lesson consists of exercise review, theory instruction, technique development, and repertoire.

Beginning and Young Students

For beginning students, it is important to note that a certain amount of patience is needed for the development of new skills (examples include hand-eye coordination and breathing techniques).

For young students, this stage can be particularly challenging, especially when expectations are not immediately satisfied.

We encourage parents to be sensitive and support their children through the various phases of learning by providing practice reinforcement.

If your child is experiencing particular difficulty, please keep us informed so that we may work together on a creative solution.


Consistent practice is essential to continued improvement. We recommend regular practice throughout the week plus one weekend day.

We find that students make greater progress practicing a little each day, as opposed to practicing for an extended length of time on one day only.

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