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Jim Cash with student

"Jim Cash has been our son's guitar instructor for nearly 5 years. Our son began his lessons with Potomac Falls Music at the age of 12, having no previous music instruction of any sort. Our son thrived with the lessons that he received. Jim customized the lessons to meet our son's goals and interests. Our son learned an incredible amount about playing guitar and music in general. He looked forward to each lesson, was excited with what he learned and loved the opportunities that Potomac Falls Music provided for him to perform for a live audience. In addition to the benefits of learning about music and how to play guitar, our son's personal growth was very positively impacted by Jim who is a wonderful role model. We could not be more pleased with the experience our family had with Potomac Falls Music!"
   - Rob and Tara Allen, Reston, VA

student "Since 2008, my daughter Catie has been fortunate to have had the guidance of Potomac Falls Music to learn guitar and vocals. Ashley's positive and professional approach has taken Catie to a much higher level of performance than most expect from typical music lessons. Ashley's background and direct experience with Woven Green is what sets these lessons apart from others. Catie has not just learned to play instrument, she has learned how to perform and love it! Their bi-annual music events are another key component for the kid's to enjoy what they have learned that others do not offer. Catie has been coached in everything from Rock/Folk music to Italian Arias, and would not be the performer she is today without Potomac Falls Music.. We plan on continuing this partnership for many years to come!"
   -Liz Lee, Potomac Falls, VA

"Jim Cash started teaching my 3 boys when they were barely old enough to hold the instrument. Each summer, when they get to pick their after-school-activities, Jim makes top of the list. He has become part of their lives, not just as a guitar instructor, but as a friend, mentor, and role model. And their guitar playing sounds really good, too!"
   -Petra Barrientos, Great Falls, VA

"I've been learning guitar from Jim Cash for about six years now. I've come a long way from banging out (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction on a friend's acoustic guitar, and Jim's been with me every step of the way, helping me grow as a musician. As a teacher and a guitarist, he's incredibly knowledgeable and very talented--as well as being one of the nicest guys I know. Truthfully, I wouldn't want to learn guitar from anybody else."
   -Albert Tholen, Great Falls, VA

" In 2006 my daughter Margaret had her first voice lesson with Ashley Cash. My daughter was nine years old at the time and eager to sing. Also, she was very hyperactive and hard to work with. Ashley came to our home and the next thing I knew� Margaret was engaged, focused and thrilled to be a voice student. How did that happen? Well, I remember a few instances that were pivotal to Margaret's ability to focus and persevere. One time, Margaret was struggling with her ability to learn the musical scale. She simply could not sit still. Next thing I knew, Ashley and Margaret were climbing up and down the stairway reciting the musical scale as they went. Margaret was able to remain on subject and she learned the lesson that day. I was in awe of Ashley's ability to meet Margaret where she was at in order to get the lesson across. Another time Margaret had a hard time focusing on the musical notes she was trying to memorize. Ashley and Margaret climbed to the top of Margee's bunk bed and pasted a poster to the wall illustrating the musical notes she was struggling with. Margaret loved that and needless to say, she soon learned the notes and the scale because Ashley was resourceful and able to keep up with Margee's unique personality. Finally, one week Margaret was working hard to develop a deeper and bigger voice. She faltered several times as she sang a challenging song� Ashley giggled, and then very, very patiently kept working on one verse until Margaret nailed it. That day I knew that Margaret would do whatever she could to perform to her highest caliber for Ashley. Ashley allowed Margaret to be Margaret. I am more grateful for Ashley's efforts than I can say. Margaret has not pursued anything in her life for the duration or to the extent that she has pursued voice lessons. I believe Ashley has been and remains the catalyst for Margaret's commitment. Wherever you go Ashley� we will follow!"
   -Liz Hoffinger, Great Falls, VA

"Julie is a such a positive teacher! She genuinely cares about our daughter's success with each song that they work on. She makes knew concepts simple to understand. She works on fundamentals and allows Kayla to choose her own songs. We can see her love of teaching through our daughter's love of learning!"
   -Katie Maguire, Great Falls, VA

"Julie teaches our three girls, ages 7, 11 and 13. Each are working at different levels and have distinct personalities. We're very impressed with Julie's skill in creating a curriculum that has shown positive results for each of our children. Her warm personality and creative approach has made piano so much fun for our kids."
   -Peter Sobich, Great Falls, VA

"I have been taking piano for two years now, when I started I didn't know a single note, and was clueless. Luckily, I had the best, most patient piano teacher ever! I now know how to play many different songs and can read different notes. Something I love about Julie is how patient she is. Even if I play a wrong note or slow down when I am not supposed to she helps me go through the measure, and has helpful tricks to help me get through the song. Julie is an amazing, positive, and patient. I am so lucky to have her as a piano teacher!"
   -Courtney Brandt, Great Falls, VA

"My girls absolutely love Mr. Ylere for their piano and guitar lessons. He always has a smile on his face, a positive attitude and makes the lessons fun. The girls' grandmother observed one of the lessons and told the girls "I would not have dropped out of piano when I was a little girl if I had such a great teacher. You girls are very lucky." We couldn't agree more! Thanks Potomac Falls Music for providing such talented teachers!"
   -Lissa Perez, Great Falls, VA

" Ylere has been teaching piano to my two sons, ages 6 and 7, for over a year. They eagerly await his arrival each week and thoroughly enjoy their time with him. Ylere is very conscious that he is not only teaching piano to young children, but also a love for music and the arts. I am amazed at the progress of both boys. They love playing and practicing, and the credit belongs to Ylere."
   -Jack Bowles, Great Falls, VA

"Ylere has been teaching my 10-year-old son piano once weekly for almost a year. My son can be energetic, emotional and easily frustrated, and Ylere is so great and patient with him. My son adores him, looks forward to his lessons and I hear them interacting animatedly during each lesson. My son has learned so much since beginning lessons, much faster than I expected, and Ylere is quick to praise him on his progress. Ylere is professional, talented, and courteous, and really just great with kids. I would recommend him to anyone wishing to provide piano lessons for their child."
   -Katie Mazza, Great Falls, VA

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