Voice Lessons

We offer private vocal instruction and coaching for all ages and skill levels. We specialize in such varied vocal musical styles as classical, pop, blues, jazz, rock, folk, and musical theater. We focus on technique and artistry and also encourage self expression through vocal performance.


Free your voice with Ashley Cash! 

Award winning musician and vocal coach with 15+ years professional experience, Ashley Cash can help you expand your vocal range, learn to support your tone through proper breath control, and help you navigate through your different vocal registers with flexibility and consistency.  Want to work on particular repertoire?  Ashley can be your coach for developing songs for performance in any genre, especially classical, rock, folk, blues, jazz, and musical theater.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Voice Lessons

Q: What is the youngest age to begin working on voice?
A: We suggest beginning serious vocal study at age 12 or 13, however, we’ve had great success working with students as young as age 10. This is particularly the case if a young student shows a great passion for signing early on and could greatly benefit from basic techniques and training that can help them safely explore their voice as it develops.

Q: I love to sing but sometimes my voice gets really tiered, can you help?
A: Yes, this is a very common issue for singers and its also very easy to correct by cultivating good vocal technique. A little bit of training can go a long way in learning to establish proper vocal support, for example.

Q: I have a lot of trouble reaching high notes, can you help?
A: Yes! Extending your range is something that can easily be achieved with a few basic adjustments and exercises.

Q: I am terrified of singing in public, can you help me overcome stage fright?
A: Yes! Voice is a very sensitive instrument and it requires the cultivation of confidence, but event still, stage fright can be a very real challenge to overcome. We are happy to work with you through this process! We’ve had great success coaching our students through this particular experience.

Q: How long a lesson to do recommend and how often?
A: We offer lessons in 30-minute, 45-minute, or 60-minute sessions. We recommend weekly lessons for most students, but to accommodate busy schedules, we also offer lessons every other week. In addition, we offer the option of occasional or walk-in lessons.  

For young beginners, we recommend weekly 30-minute lessons. For intermediate singers and young adults, we recommend weekly 45-minute lessons. For adults, we recommend 45-minute lessons every other week. We recommend weekly 45-60 minute lessons for intermediate and advanced singers, and 60 minutes for singers who would also like to learn both voice and guitar together.