Drum Lessons

We offer private instruction for all ages and skill levels on the drum kit! We specialize in such varied musical styles as pop, blues, jazz, and rock. We focus on the development of rhythmic technique and also encourage personal arrangement.


Monty Smith

Learn to play drums with Monty! Monty’s approach to learning drums provides each student with a solid understanding of music theory and technique that can be used to approach any kind of music the student wants to learn, from pop to rock and Latin to fusion. Rudiments and exercises are mixed with jam sessions and games to keep you playing and having fun!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Drum Lessons

Q: Do I need to buy a full drum kit to start?
A: No, the first few lessons can take place on a practice pad.

Q: Are electric drum kits better than acoustic for learning?
A: They’re certainly easier on the ears of the parents! As long as the snare drum on the electronic kit has a mesh head (which reacts more realistically to the sticks than a rubber electronic pad does) and the bass drum pedal is metal, not plastic, an electric kit is a perfectly good choice.