Potomac Falls Music has a fully equipped music recording and teaching studio located at their private residence in Sterling, Virginia near Algonkian Regional Park.

Teaching Studio

Our teaching studio is located on the lower level of our town home with a separate entrance in the back. We have a comfortable waiting area and two teaching studio rooms: “Studio 1” on the lower level and “Studio A” on the upper level. Our students love having the comforts of our home mixed with the artistic vibes of our professional studio.

Recording Services

We offer recording services for students who are interested in exploring songwriting and music production. We specialize in recording services for up and coming new musicians. Whether it is a draft recording and music video you wish to send to your family at the holidays or it’s a fully produced song headed for digital distribution, we can help educate you and/or your child on the recording process and coach you along the way.

Equipment List

We run Logic Pro X digital audio work station using Slate Audio plugins. Our pre-amp is API Select T12 and we use high end microphones: Neuman TLM67, AKG C14 XL2, and Shure SM57. We have a few high end Mesa Boogie Amps for electric guitar recording as well as a regulalrly tuned acoustic piano. We offer mixing service as well as mastering or we can give you recommendations to send your mix and mastering services to award winning producers in the DC area, and Mastering in Nashville, TN.

Music Videos & Audition Videos

We offer music video production services as well as audition videos for vocal and/or college submissions. We run Final Cut Pro X video editing software and shoot in 4k resolution. Music videos are synched with pro audio recordings and can be shot in vertical or horizontal orientations. We can help you navigate the different file types needed for different applications. Audition videos are typically more casual in that it is often preferred to submit without pro audio settings and enhancements.

CONTACT US to discuss your project and ideas! We are happy to help at any stage of your journey.