Lessons for Teens and Pre-Teens

Lessons for Teens and Pre-Teens work best on a weekly schedule. We work with you to find the best times to fit in amidst all the sports a various other extra curricular activities. Whether it is preparing for auditions for the school play, honing in on skills for jazz band, or quietly enjoying building a list of songs to play on the piano or guitar at home, our expert instructors help your pre-teen or teen to stay focused on their musical goals. Our student showcases are also a fun way for local kids to meet and often even join up in our ensemble groups!

Guitar lessons
Piano lessons
Voice lessons
Drum lessons
Bass lessons
Ukulele lessons

Learning music helps to build confidence.  New beginners often have to work through a bit of doubt at first, but the feeling that comes after all that hard work and perseverance is so worth the effort!  Whether it’s the excitement of reading and playing through a piece of music for the first time, or the rush that comes after a live performance, learning music can have a positive impact on self-esteem.  

In addition, studies show that young students who are learning to play an instrument have higher levels of academic achievement.  While it is difficult to pin-point if this also has something to do with conducive learning environments at home and overall parental involvement and support, there is increasing evidence that music education helps to bolster academic achievement.