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Enrollment Policies

CONTACT US to enroll in regular weekly or every-other-week lessons

After your first lesson, we suggest enrolling for a minimum of 4 lessons, typically scheduled on a weekly basis. Because of our commitment to providing quality music education, we believe that this policy allows us the necessary time to establish teacher – student rapport as well as allow the student the necessary time to apply new practice routines and newly developed skills.

Throughout your enrollment, we follow a 24-hour cancellation policy. Should you wish to end your enrollment, we require 2 weeks prior notice. We at Potomac Falls Music believe that this policy benefits the student as it helps to insure a consistent schedule and thus ultimately reinforces a disciplined approach to music education. Please understand that these policies are also in place for the protection and insurance of the instructor’s livelihoods.

Regarding payment, once you are enrolled, you will enter into the monthly billing cycle. Payment for the coming month is expected by the due date that appears on your monthly invoice. Your monthly invoice will be sent to you via email.  Payments are accepted via free bank transfer through Quickbooks invoice link or via check.  

Upon enrollment, you will receive a policy letter via email that more fully details these policies.

Walk-in lessons Available!
No Enrollment Necessary for “occasional lessons”

*Walk-in lessons are best suited for the intermediate adult musician

NOTE for Beginning and Young Students

For beginning students, it is important to note that a certain amount of patience is needed for the development of new skills (examples include hand-eye coordination and breathing techniques). Our commitment is to helping students develop the necessary discipline to persevere through the sometimes challenging phases of learning an instrument.

For young students, this stage can be particularly challenging, especially when expectations are not immediately satisfied. We encourage parents to be sensitive and support their children through the various phases of learning by providing practice reinforcement. If your child is experiencing particular difficulty, please keep us informed so that we may work together on a creative solution.

NOTE Commitment to Practice

Consistent practice is essential to continued improvement. We recommend regular practice throughout the week plus one weekend day. We find that students make greater progress practicing a little each day, as opposed to practicing for an extended length of time on one day only. Even as little as 10-30 minutes daily is far more effective than 2 one hour long practice sessions per week.