Ashley Cash

Ashley teaches acoustic guitar, ukulele, and voice in a style that is particularly well suited for students who want to learn to sing and play their favorite songs!

Ashley Cash, Owner

Ashley Cash is the administrator and co-founder of Potomac Falls Music. Holding a B.A. from George Mason University, Ashley has been involved in music for most of her life. Born into a musical family, Ashley began singing vocal solos at age 10 and performing with her guitar at age 13. Although Ashley was classically trained in voice, her primary focus now lies in popular music including pop, rock, R&B, and folk. As a full-time musician, Ashley aims to impart the technical means necessary to enjoy singing and playing music.

Ashley is one half of the award winning musical group, Woven Green, who’s album Into Bloom (2017) is now signed for publishing licenses on Discovery TV Newtorks, PBS and others, in addition to being aired on more then 250 college radio nations Nationwide. In 2016 Ashley was nominated for Best Modern Rock Vocalist by the Washington Area Music Awards (WAMMIES) for her work with modern Rock Band One Leap.  Her voice has been described by music critics as “stunning”, “otherworldly” and “worthy of emulating.”   You can hear Ashley’s singing on Woven Green’s recorded albums which are available on itunes, spotify, youtube, and other digital music outlets.  

Many of Ashley’s students have gone on to pursue professional music carriers in musical theater, independent music, and music education.



” In 2006 my daughter Margaret had her first voice lesson with Ashley Cash. My daughter was nine years old at the time and eager to sing. Also, she was very hyperactive and hard to work with. Ashley came to our home and the next thing I knew, Margaret was engaged, focused and thrilled to be a voice student. How did that happen? Ashley’s ability to meet Margaret where she was at in order to get the lesson across was amazing. She was also resourceful and able to keep up with Margee’s unique personality. Margaret would do whatever she could to perform to her highest caliber for Ashley. Ashley allowed Margaret to be Margaret. I am more grateful for Ashley’s efforts than I can say. Margaret has not pursued anything in her life for the duration or to the extent that she has pursued voice lessons. I believe Ashley has been and remains the catalyst for Margaret’s commitment. Wherever you go Ashley we will follow!”

Liz Hoffinger, Great Falls, Virginia

“Ashley’s positive and professional approach has taken my daughter to a much higher level of performance than most expect from typical music lessons. Ashley’s background and direct experience with Woven Green is what sets these lessons apart from others. My daughter has been coached in everything from Rock/Folk music to Italian Arias, and would not be the performer she is today without Ashley’s coaching.”

Liz Lee, Potomac Falls, Virginia