Monty Smith

Piano and drum instructor

Monty Smith, Drum-Piano-Guitar Instructor

Classically trained on piano from the age of 4, Monty Smith graduated from Northern Virginia Community College in May of 2014 with an Associate of Arts degree in Music. Both of his parents play multiple instruments, which served as a strong driving force in his musical upbringing. His father teaches bassoon and directs orchestras, while his mother plays flute and piano with several groups, in addition to graciously supporting Monty’s ever-growing musical career. During his college years, Monty added drum kit, guitar and bass to his arsenal of instruments, studying under multiple instructors to heavily broaden his musical horizons. Aside from classical endeavors, Monty has also played in numerous rock bands, several church groups, accompanied choral ensembles and taught group keyboard and band classes at summer camps. Monty enjoys teaching Pop, Rock, Fusion, Electronic, Classical and more to any student with a thirst for learning!

When he isn’t teaching lessons or playing in bands, Monty occasionally works as a stagehand for concerts of all sizes. Monty also maintains a vast collection of model trains built from Lego bricks, which he displays at public shows several times a year.