The Potomac Falls Music Student Showcase provides enrolled students with an opportunity to hone their performance skills in a family friendly environment so they can learn to perform and love it!

“Our daughter has not just learned to play instrument,
she has learned how to perform and love it!” 

Liz Lee, Sterling VIrginia
Potomac Falls Music Student Showcase

The Potomac Falls Music student showcases are a fun and interactive way for students to develop song repertoire, overcome stage fright, and build audience rapport and stage confidence. In addition, our student showcases are an opportunity for students to meet and collaborate with other students, which often results in potential collaborations for future performances. Because we value personal development and enjoyment, we suggest and encourage our students to perform, rather than requiring them to do so. We also teach our students to support and respect each other’s individual self expression so that they can perform for each other in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Our variety show style student showcases support community over competition.

Student Showcases typically take place 4 times per year at a local restaurant/ music venue for a family fun approach to the traditional recital. Invite family and friends for a fun evening of music in a dinner theater style format.

Opportunities for special performance prep sessions and ensemble groups are considered based on current student roster and student-instructor availability.

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We did some fun stuff back in 2020, helping to keep music alive during isolation. Holiday Music 2020!

Student Showcase Guitar Ensemble Group Potomac Falls Music
Potomac Falls Student Showcase – Guitar Ensemble 2013